quality frozen foods

We supply a variety of frozen foods for Birds of Prey and Reptiles.

We have kept birds for many years, and have much experience feeding a wide selection of birds of prey.  We have been lucky enough to have given homes to a variety of birds, from owls, various hawks and kestrels; and each of them has its own amazing personality.  From the European Eagle Owl that doubles as a guard dog to the American Kestrel that believed he was an eagle!  For more information on what we feed them, and to hear about what they get up to on a regular basis, please take a look at our social media.



We supply a mix of products, some delivered frozen from commercial suppliers, and occasionally other "wild shot" items prepared and frozen by ourselves. Anything termed  "wild shot" will have been rifle shot minimising the likelihood of any stray pellets being found in your meat.  Whichever it is you are buying, you can rest assured that it has been treated with respect and you will be feeding your animal the best we can supply.    

Unlike many suppliers that require a minimum order, we are happy to help if you need a small order if you don't have much freezer space available.

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